Global diversification & foreign currency exposure

Unlock global investment opportunities in one place

Highest possible returns while maintaining stability


As fund managers, our number one priority is creating financial security for our investors. We aim to achieve this by realising consistent, sustainable long-term returns for our clients, without taking undue risks. In tennis, there are many players that can serve an ace against the best, but it's the world class players that can hit their mark consistently. Knowing when to go for the big shots separates the best from the rest.

Our goal is to deliver the highest possible return while maintaining the stability of that return within the portfolio. We achieve this through diversifying across asset classes and investment styles to sample the optimal portfolio with less risk and consistent returns.


The Sharenet BCI Global Balanced FoF is an FSB regulated unit trust that provides you with a convenient doorway to offshore investment. You can gain access to global markets and shares such as Facebook and Apple while protecting against the risk of local politics.


The Sharenet multi management team has been managing fund-of-funds for years and has built up a formidable track record. The team members have an average of 12 years investments experience. In 2016, we extended our service offering to include consulting solutions on Wrap funds, drawing on our background of managing multi asset fund-of-funds. The team manages the asset allocation of the Wrap funds and selects the best managers in their respective areas of expertise to manage these funds.

We exercise the same diligence and care with the portfolios we manage for clients as we do on our own portfolios. Our flexible solutions are based on a sound investment philosophy that is implemented by an experienced team.